More Information Please!

It is hoped that everyone who visits this website gains something from it. The history of The Grange is long and covers a vast timeline from at least the active period of the nearby Abbey until the present day. The house and grounds were put to good use in support of the nation’s objectives in WW1 and WW2 but very little information is currently available.

The objective behind this website project is to extend that knowledge and freely share it with the public. More information is required to help in that endeavour. Relatively recent history is as important as that going back centuries. In many respects it is more important because it is within or close to our own lives. The problem sometimes is that the individual might think that their information is insignificant and they are inclined to keep it to themselves. I understand that but please do come forward and participate.

If information is provided then you can choose to be acknowledged for it or remain anonymous - the choice is yours.

Please do come forward and support this ‘not for financial profit’ website. You can send an email by clicking the link here or at the bottom of the page. A recent donation was an envelope with a name, address and postmark. This might just lead to more information because a story undoubtedly exists that relates to that envelope. Our task is to find that story.